The last two and a half years have been an enormous burden for people and animals worldwide due to the lockdowns and restrictions caused by COVID-19. 

We at JACARANDA share the needs and concerns of many of our fellow citizens, and want to spread some light and hope into the often gray and gloomy days through our music. 

To achieve this goal, we support organizations that provide valuable help for people and animals in need by donating a large part of our income from the downloads of our songs. 

We at JACARANDA will ensure that only selected and reputable organizations receive appropriate financial support through our music so that they can continue to carry out their responsible and helpful work. 

We select and approve these organizations on the basis of seriousness and verifiable financial responsibility, so that we do not support any so-called "black sheep". 

We hope to be able to make our contribution to a better and more livable world for humans and animals in this way. 

Thank you very much for your support of our projects.