How do you know which companies you will support with donations, and how will you confirm they are handling funds appropriately?

Those organizations that wish to receive financial support from us will be subject to very tough criteria. Our team of financial and business experts will take a close look at their data, annual reports, financial statements, accounting and financial activities, and these organizations will be closely examined to see if any funds have been misappropriated. 

Unannounced visits will be made to these organizations, and attention will be paid to details as to whether the companies are actually doing valuable work with animals in need. Test donations will be made, and the results examined to confirm exactly what the funds have been spent on. 

If there is even the slightest reason for doubts or perhaps even embezzlement, the cooperation will be terminated immediately and this organization will be publicly declared as dubious with possible criminal consequences. 

In each situation, we will have all our financial transactions checked and controlled by 2 independent CPA companies, so that we can account for our income and expenses at any time. We will apply the same strict standards to the aid organizations we support, that our supporters expect of us.



Why do you donate so much money to animal welfare organizations and other charities? 

As passionate animal lovers and enthusiastic nature lovers, we have founded JACARANDA to make our contribution to a better world. 

While there are already countless animal and nature conservation organizations that do excellent work, we know they constantly have to fight for the necessary finances. 

This is why we have made it our concern to support the already existing organizations - so that they can continue to do their valuable work, and continue their programs without having to think about the finances all the time.