Since JACARANDA is a project band, we are working with various different artists and singers. 

After weeks of searching and auditioning hundreds of singers, we were overjoyed to find two outstanding singers. Both Eleni Thompson from Los Angeles, California, and Tim Hewitt from Tulsa, Oklahoma fit perfectly into the JACARANDA concept. Their outstanding voices and professional way of working are an essential contribution to the overall sound of JACARANDA.

Here you will find the artists we are working with on the project JACARANDA.


 Eleni Thompson 


Eleni is a songwriter / artist / vocalist based in Los Angeles, California, USA. She specializes in Pop vocals and has placed songs with CBS, MTV, ABC Family, and more.

Tim Hewitt


Tim is an experienced studio singer who has been on the road for many years with numerous acts nationwide. He is currently based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, USA.